Friday, 16 May 2008

EOTD Grey-pink

Matching the colours to my shirt..
Grey on the lower half of the upper lid, and then pink shimmer on the outer 1/3 rd of the upperlid and lower lash line. A taupe with shimmer on the crease and cream-shimmer on the browbone to highlight. Lined with liquid liner on the upper lid, with a flick at the end (I don't think it is very visible in these photos). Sorrt for the quality of the pics, they're from my camera-phone.

EOTD - Grey pink

EOTD Grey Pink

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Friday, 9 May 2008

Olive green FOTD

Here's the slightly blurry FOTD -I tried to match my eyes to the t-shirt I wore. I mixed the CD bright pink lippie with the Revlon Cherry gloss and it looked fab!

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Weekend Haul III

Finally, I decided to get my lazy self to the shopping mecca of the town, Comm St, and indulged myself in a lil bit of shopping. I bought 2 thin summer t-shirts, one white print kurta, 2 peasant type summer tops and one shirt-dress (that will be worn over jeans)! Annnnd I found my holy grail in lipgloss (realising later I'd already bought it 4 years ago for my lil sister). It's value for money, non-sticky, mildly fragrant (I don't really like any fragrance in my lip products) and in a lovely shade that completely complements me.
Interested? It's Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherry (for Rs.310 for 4.5 ml). It's a lovely reddish-coral shade, goes on thinly, with no shimmer and no stickyness (not sure what the spelling is)! I applied only a thin layer - and this was the effect:

Apologise for the crappy pic, it was taken in a hurry.

Compared to the Maybelline Gloss Glide (something like what Anu's posted about on indianmakeupdiva), this was more cost effective, and was not thick and sticky.

I also bought this "Maybelline" eye-shadow set, that's really pretty and appropriate for summer!
I have no blues in my collection and so fell in love with this set immediately. It's cream based, high in shimmer (in fact you can see tiny flakes of shimmer on the e/s, which dissolves into shimmer when you use a sponge brush). I wore the lightest blue shade today, it is a little too much shimmer for work, so thinking of layering under my e/s on regular work days. The palette cost Rs.250 and has a mild fragrance.

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Rosy-posy nails

Over the weekend I decided to bust out another of the Avon Simply Pretty series (in True Rose), in a colour I'll admit I don't wear much, nor like much. But it turned out pretty alright and I love my nails right now especially as I'm typing right now :)

The colour's a very authentic rose, with no shimmer and dries pretty quickly! I layered one coat of top coat to give it the extra shine (and hopefully, last a bit longer than 2 days, heh)

Here are the nails..

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Friday, 25 April 2008

It's here!

I got my Violica package....{does a jiggy dance!} yeah yeah..
I was waiting for it, and it's here :P
I ordered Jordana Green Suede eyeliner (Rs.70), Virgo angled blush brush (Rs.75) and a nail buffer (Rs.20).

The eyeliner is fab hehe..very smooth in application, is not rubbed off and is a lovely mossy olive shade of green, perfect for my green smoky eyes. I'm so happy :D

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Thursday, 24 April 2008

To foil or base?

Amita asked me what was foiling (a term I picked up from Vannesa, and I thought let me show you what priming (or using a base) looks like..
Foil or base?

Here's my experiment with both methods, which is better? You tell me!

From left: 1.Foiled, 2. Lipbalm as base, and 3.plain ole e/s, i.e. nothing used.

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For base, nearly everyone suggests the Urban Decay's Primer Potion (UDPP in Since I know in the land of saffron and cows this product may not be available, so here's my cheaper substitute - chapstick! Yup, the ordinary lipbalm (scented or not), or vaseline (used very sparingly) can give nearly the same effect. It does not crease, and stays on, for nearly 8-10 hours, depending on your lid's tendency to turn oily. Mine stays for 10 hours easily, and needs make-up remover when I wash the mug at the end of the day.

Foiling: Using a mixing medium that would wet the brush, this is used for pigments (dry eyeshadow in powder format). Since I own, like, 3 e/s powders, I use it for my eye shadows! This brings out the intensity of the colours, and also, stays long, though I found, not as long as using a base (6 hours in my case). What is a mixing medium? MAC sells its mixing medium, but I found the home-made version on Temptalia. Mix one part water with 3 parts glycerine and store in a small bottle. Mix only a little, as diluted glycerine tends to spoil very fast. Discard liquid after a few days if it smells funky.
I mix around 2 teaspoons at a time and store in a homeopathy bottle (hey, I'm all about smart storage). Dip your brush in one drop of this liquid, wipe off excess, and use on eyeshadow! Warning: this will leave a damp spot on the eyeshadow, which does dry off and does not spoil the e/s, but it just looks strange, that's all.

I'm going with base, it shows the colours the best and does not leave weird damp stains on the e/s.

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The Reds strike again!!

These are some more lippies from the Color Institute gift set. These are still nearly unused, and you'll see why in this picture:

From (l-r) Christine Dior (Hibiscus), CI, Revlon (Mocca), CI, CI, Revlon (Orangy shade)
CI - Color Institute.
The Christian Dior is by far, the best textured lippie I've ever come across. It is incredibly old (I wont tell you how much, you'll scream), but it is still very highly pigmented, soft, goes over smoothly, is moisturising, and is a gift. I'd never be able to afford it and also, incidentally, never be able to wear this colour, thanks to my geographical location and my skin tones.

The best one is the Orange shade at the end, I've actually worn this combined with l/g and it looks great. Revlon comes 2nd in its texture, incredibly smooth.

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