Thursday, 27 March 2008

New Haul on weekend

I bought some Colorbar cosmetics on the weekend. A listick in Natural shade and in Peach-pink combo with shimmer, a dark black Kohl stick, Peach coloured nail polish and a fabulous blush in Fucsia shade which I plan to use as a bronzer! The lipsticks are very pigmented and have a good amount of shimmer, but the texture isn't very smooth. Here are the pics and the swatches:

The whole loot:
New Haul

More individual pics and swatches inside

Natural and Peach Tango lipsticks

Blush in "Fucsia" (yeah I know, it's misspelt)
Blush - ColorBar

The swatches:
New Haul swatches

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Friday, 21 March 2008

Nail Polishes 1

My collection of nail polishes.

Part 1

Nail polish 1

Part 2

Nail Polish 2

Swatches Parts 1 and 2

Nail polish swatch 2

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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Lipsticks collection

The first group are the darker shades, with less/no shimmer.

Lipsticks 1

Swatches for the 1st group
Lipsticks 1 swatch

Shimmer lipsticks
Lipsticks 2

Lipstick 2 swatch

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I don't use blush that often, since I have yet to find the right shade and the right manner of applying it. The favourite one is the Revlon palette, bought for Rs100 at Bhavani. It has shimmer in it, so it can be used as a highlighter too. The other one (on the left hand side) has a strong payoff, no shimmer and cost only Rs53! But I need to use it with powder foundation since the colours are too strong.


The ELF blush in Glow is the best one - it really has that effect, and most people notice it instantly. The one the left of ELF is part of a Color Institute set, it is nearly the same shade as my skin, so sometimes I use it under my eyes!

The tube on the right most side, is again, a part of the same shade, it's body glitter! The powder's really fine and reamins for hours. It comes in 2 shades - pink and whitish.


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Sivanna Make up palette

The Sivanna make up palette cost me around 150 baht, in Bangkok. The eye shadows are pressed powder and have a good pay-off. They are accompanied with 2 shades of blushes. On the upper lid there is a small mirror and lipstains/glosses. These have a faint pleasant aroma and go on sheer. I use this palette most often.


A closer look at the shades.

Sivanna palette

Part of Sivanna palette

Part of Sivanna palette

Part of Sivanna palette

The lipstains/glosses


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Monday, 17 March 2008

Misc eyeshadow

The left one is from Color Institute set, the colour payoff is really good. The one in the middle is the ELF in Smokey Grey. The round ones are individual unbranded eye pigment (glitter) in pink, golden and bronze.

More individual palettes

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Color Workshop Palette

One of the Color Workshop palettes that I use sometimes. The colour payoff is not good.

Eyeshadow palette

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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Palettes - contd

Miss Rose eyeshadow palette (Rs.235) - Bhavani Kangan Stores

Eyeshdw palette

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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More eye-shadows

The Loreal Color Delights quad in Sky Blue:


The DAXI Cat eyeshadow kit from Thailand


Both are cream shadows.

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Monday, 10 March 2008

Foundations I use/have

All the foundations I use, some more frequently than the others.

1. Revlon Skinlights (Fair) Rs.495
2. Lakme Rose Powder (Foundation powder) Rs.85
3. MAC Studio Fix in C03. Bht 150
4. Lakme Face Magic Mousse (Daily wear) Rs.110
5. ELF Tone concealer Rs.131
6. Unbranded tube concealer Rs.45
7. Lakme Perfecting finish Foundation Rs.90


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