Friday, 16 May 2008

EOTD Grey-pink

Matching the colours to my shirt..
Grey on the lower half of the upper lid, and then pink shimmer on the outer 1/3 rd of the upperlid and lower lash line. A taupe with shimmer on the crease and cream-shimmer on the browbone to highlight. Lined with liquid liner on the upper lid, with a flick at the end (I don't think it is very visible in these photos). Sorrt for the quality of the pics, they're from my camera-phone.

EOTD - Grey pink

EOTD Grey Pink


Thepunkcat said...

It looks good darling!
Love the pink! :D

Anu said...

hey, how've you been. you haven't updated in a while so i'm just seeing if you're still there... on the other end of the blog.