Friday, 9 May 2008

Olive green FOTD

Here's the slightly blurry FOTD -I tried to match my eyes to the t-shirt I wore. I mixed the CD bright pink lippie with the Revlon Cherry gloss and it looked fab!


Ranjani said...

You are glowing in this pic! Love the lips:)

An Indian's makeup musings said...

The whole look is so well put together !! You look awesome girl!!
That lipstick is "the one" for you ....beautiful against your skin tone!

Indian Girl

ilovecheese said...

Thanks Ranjani :D I attribute it mostly to the ELF blush and the overhead light in my office loo!
Hey Indian Girl, thanks so much, it DEF is the "my Holy Grail" Lipgloss, I luuurves it.

Anu said...

you know you had me at olive green right? you look so pretty.

anamika said...

Hey!! you are beautiful and nice blog.:)