Monday, 5 May 2008

Rosy-posy nails

Over the weekend I decided to bust out another of the Avon Simply Pretty series (in True Rose), in a colour I'll admit I don't wear much, nor like much. But it turned out pretty alright and I love my nails right now especially as I'm typing right now :)

The colour's a very authentic rose, with no shimmer and dries pretty quickly! I layered one coat of top coat to give it the extra shine (and hopefully, last a bit longer than 2 days, heh)

Here are the nails..

1 comment:

Mukho said...

I SO LOOOOOVE that exact shade!!! Infact, I've been trying to duplicate it for my lips for a long time now. U lucky girl, u found it! Atleast for the nails, u did!!