Monday, 5 May 2008

Weekend Haul III

Finally, I decided to get my lazy self to the shopping mecca of the town, Comm St, and indulged myself in a lil bit of shopping. I bought 2 thin summer t-shirts, one white print kurta, 2 peasant type summer tops and one shirt-dress (that will be worn over jeans)! Annnnd I found my holy grail in lipgloss (realising later I'd already bought it 4 years ago for my lil sister). It's value for money, non-sticky, mildly fragrant (I don't really like any fragrance in my lip products) and in a lovely shade that completely complements me.
Interested? It's Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherry (for Rs.310 for 4.5 ml). It's a lovely reddish-coral shade, goes on thinly, with no shimmer and no stickyness (not sure what the spelling is)! I applied only a thin layer - and this was the effect:

Apologise for the crappy pic, it was taken in a hurry.

Compared to the Maybelline Gloss Glide (something like what Anu's posted about on indianmakeupdiva), this was more cost effective, and was not thick and sticky.

I also bought this "Maybelline" eye-shadow set, that's really pretty and appropriate for summer!
I have no blues in my collection and so fell in love with this set immediately. It's cream based, high in shimmer (in fact you can see tiny flakes of shimmer on the e/s, which dissolves into shimmer when you use a sponge brush). I wore the lightest blue shade today, it is a little too much shimmer for work, so thinking of layering under my e/s on regular work days. The palette cost Rs.250 and has a mild fragrance.


Anu said...

the gloss looks great. i checked out deepika's gloss and you were so right. it was very little product for the price.

Mukho said...

U got all that loot for 250????? (Pushes gaping jawbone back in place)
What kind of heaven is Bangalore, and why oh why am I stuck in Chennai?? Boo hoo!!

Mukho said...

Oh heck, silly me :)
I looked more closely, and realised it was "meyballine" ;) ;)
Way to go, girly, makes me feel good too, about my 75 bucks palette :) :)
Tell u the truth, all those MAC divas out there kinda give me a complex. Funny how here u can get a plumbing job for 150 bucks and foundation for 1500, while out there it would be very much the opposite!

Lani said...

wow i wish maybelline would make palettes like that here in the US. i'd definitely buy it. reminds me of MAC cool heat. ;)

Rima Kaur said...

thats not maybelline. its fake. you need to watch what you are buying otherwise you will end up with a rash on your face. unbranded or fake makeup is not worth the money in the end.