Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Avon Champagne Shimmer Nail Polish

This is one of my favourite colours in the nail polish world! Avon Simply Pretty series, in Champagne Shimmer. Here's I've layered 2 coats of the nail paint followed by a coat of clear nail polish.


Mukho said...

I just love that color. Your nails are so beautifully shaped.
Heh and its good to know I've converted an unbeliever in the virtues of sunscreen :) though I'd be happier if u graduated from just lips to full face :)

Anu said...

that looks gorgeous. i showed such will power today. i saw a hugely discounted nailpolish in a similar colour at cvs. i put it down when i left. i still regret it but it's all for the better good.

ilovecheese said...

Thank you mukho, I took years to finally come to the right shape, which was incidentally, my natural shape. Go figure!
Baby steps babe, I'm graduating from lips to face slowly ;)
Anu, thank you sweetie, and yea, you go GIRL! Walking away is really hard to do, man or make-up alike.

An Indian's makeup musings said...

Hey girl! Is that timeliner - a lip liner or an eyeliner? Would look damn hot on the eyes/lips for the fiery summer I guess :)

ilovecheese said...

Hi Indian Girl, it doesn't say clearly whether lip/eye liner, but I read on MUA it was eye-liner. Either way, I tone it down for the lips and use it just like that for the eyes! You're right, it is a very summery shade :D

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thank you very much for the compliments and commenting on my blog. I love to receive comments, they're a rarity so far. :) My graduation isn't until May 31 but as soon as I've decided what to wear, I'll post some pics! Glad to hear you're into seeing the m/u as well! You're more than welcome to visit my blog later, too!

PS. This nailpolish shade is divine!