Thursday, 10 April 2008

Paint your nails in the DAY

Here's a pic to show why one must paint nails in the day, in the bright sunlight, because then, you will not recoil with horror back into the bed at the sight of your fingernails. It wasn't that orange in the night, I swear. You can safely assume this is the last time my nails see that particular colour. I love orange, I like the fruit, but this, this looks like my nails are sick.
Orange nails


Mukho said...

oi! oi! u enabled comments! me loveeeeeesssss!!!!! :):) :)

orange fluorescent nails, ey! I got me a bottle of bright orange too, for only 10 bucks, lol! lessee now how it shapes out :)

Mukho said...

ok, someting else... u scorpio, me scorpio... u love m/u, i lovem/u... u even likes saki, same as me... u sure we aint mele mein bichhade hue judwas or somethin? hee hee :) :)

ilovecheese said...

Hehe I definitely think we have a karmic connection! So many things in common :D Me very happy. Now I have a blogger-buddy (say it in a sing-song chant) I'd definitely want to get lost in a m/u mela ;)
The orange nailpolish was removed that nite only - I think it wasnt suiting my darker fingers! Though, for the record, when I was 17 I *did* wear yellow and dark blue nailpolish. Heh, I think I was cooler then yaar!

Mukho said...

One thing - u deffo are braver than me :) I'd never dare to try blue on my nails, and I only just gathered up the guts to use green on my eyes! :O

Anyway, my current nail color is this ghostly white.. reminds me of eye cataracts... yuck!

ilovecheese said...

LOL, white always looks good mukho, I tried Maybelline Colourama in some pearly white shade, it din't make my fingers look that dark.

Melvin said...

try one coat of top and base coat first by borghese brilliante(10bucks) then starting from the edge of your cuticles carefully do a coat of the orange(doesnt matter day or night) and let dry. then apply the second coat of the orange and let dry. finish it off with the top/base coat. and they would come out perfect. could show you a picture of how it should look if you wish.