Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Violica Purchases 1

So here's the promised look at the first purchases made on Violica. Amita, sorry to say, the day I posted about the store, I had to buy something. I just could not stop myself. Once it arrives, I'll def post pics!

The Revlon Timeliner in Orangine goes on pretty smooth and is very highly pigmented!

The STAY SMOOTH ANTI-CHAP LIP COLOR (BEIGEFUL TRES BEIGE) BY ALMAY cost rs.45 and is quite smooth! It is tingly in a nice way and is nearly the same shade as my lips. I'm thinking I can layer regular lippies on this, as this has SPF 25! (Yeah see Amita, I'm using sunscreen:).


Anu said...

you need to take me shopping lol.

ilovecheese said...

Anu, seriously sweetie, if I was there in the US, we'd go shopping ALL the time and I would have *maxxed* out my 3 cards by now...siiigh sometimes, non-availability does not seem so bad.

ilovecheese said...

Anu, get the CBox thing no, so I can chat with you on your website, rather to depend on Blogger's mercies ;)