Monday, 21 April 2008

Where do I buy cosmetics online in India?

Hi Amita, apologies if the orange nails robbed you of your sanity, I really had no new haul to post about! Cos you know, uh, the hub has banned new cosmetic purchases for a few weeks. :( It was getting out of hand, so I'm in rehab now.
In the meanwhile, here's a site I found, just by luck, to buy cosmetics in INDIA!
What I ordered was : Revlon Timeliner in Tangerine (Rs.45), Almay lip Balm in Beige (Rs.45), Revlon Mascara in Plush blah blah (Rs.80) and a aromatherapy foot kit for Rs.54! Shop above Rs 500 to avail free shopping.
I will put up the pics soon, this purchase was over a month ago. Why I haven't put up pics is cos a) I wasn't satisfied at all with the mascara, it was all dried and and smelt funky. So that's thrown away. b) The remaining lip products were actually good, especially the Almay lip blam (which I can't believe cost only 45, something fishy). But it didn't smell funky and goes on smooth and is a very natural colour.
Posting some swatches soon :)


Mukho said...

he he he, aren't we all in rehab... ;)
Personally, I love being in rehab becos it means I can look forward to a "relapse" with great relish! :D :D
and talk about hubbies! they just dont understand do they? This love runs deeeeeeeep....

An Indian's makeup musings said...

In reply to your comment on the concealer you use :
LOL !! You are great at mixing stuff! I have a tip for you: I learnt somewhere that orange lipstick helps counteract the blue undereye circles. Moisturize your undereyes, apply the non-shimmery orange lipsticks under the eye and apply your concealer over it . Do try it and lemme know if it works for you! And, dont forget to set it with powder :)
Indian Girl