Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Reds strike again!!

These are some more lippies from the Color Institute gift set. These are still nearly unused, and you'll see why in this picture:

From (l-r) Christine Dior (Hibiscus), CI, Revlon (Mocca), CI, CI, Revlon (Orangy shade)
CI - Color Institute.
The Christian Dior is by far, the best textured lippie I've ever come across. It is incredibly old (I wont tell you how much, you'll scream), but it is still very highly pigmented, soft, goes over smoothly, is moisturising, and is a gift. I'd never be able to afford it and also, incidentally, never be able to wear this colour, thanks to my geographical location and my skin tones.

The best one is the Orange shade at the end, I've actually worn this combined with l/g and it looks great. Revlon comes 2nd in its texture, incredibly smooth.


Mukho said...

U r soooo right! Its audacious enough that we dare to blog about a topic like makeup, that too, living in India. Enough to earn us instant unowat labels from certain holier-than-thou characters, no?

ilovecheese said...

I if! Just using thick eyeliner on the eyes does not quanlify as MAKEUP, you know..Indian women need to get bolder in their attitudes man, as much as when we need to fight over the discounted sarees at Kalaniketan during the rainy season!

Anu said...

omg ilovecheese... i love you. i love kajal as much as the next desi girl but we need to branch out. can you get wnw in india? i am on vacation visiting my parents and i have the entire range at my fingertips. super cheap and so amazing. i gave up on lemming a nars multiple because the wnw was so close to it in colour. the texture was pretty much the same too.